Joe’s Cafe is Born

Joe Ferrario, an Italian immigrant, and his wife Adelina bought the Channel Bar in 1928 -- and Joe’s Cafe was born.  The advent of the Great Depression the next year did little to squelch Joe’s enthusiasm for owning his dream restaurant.  His hard work and magnanimous personality quickly established Joe’s as a favorite.

The repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933 ended 14 years of Prohibition. Seizing the moment, Joe became a distributor of Acme Beer, brought from San Francisco by boat and unloaded at Stearn’s Wharf under tight security.  The good times – and draft beer – were here again.

Joe’s Cafe flourished during World War II with the opening of two sub-assembly defense plants in Santa Barbara. The transplanted servicemen and workers enjoyed the friendly environment of the restaurant and the potent beverages at the bar.